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How much does MyTechChat cost?

MyTechChat has a standard fee of $49.95 for Residential customers and $69.95 for Commercial customers.

Do I need some type of equipment to fix my issue?

No, you will need standard tools to fix your problem.

Who will I be talking to? Will I be able to see them??

Our technical people are experts in the heating, venting and air conditioning industry for more than 13 years. Yes, you will able to see the technician you are working with before each call begins.

How do I pay for the service?

Before we diagnose your problem, we will ask for your details and your preferred payment method. We accept Paypal and credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions


Kevin Tonery

I’d like to thank Jamie from My tech chat for guiding me through a furnace issue I was having in a remote area of work. A call out to a service company would have cost me 4 hours travel time and no idea of the parts required to fix the issue.

My Tech chat was able to guide me through the issue and resolve my problem in a timely manner. I was up and running much quicker than waiting for a tech to show up on site.

Tom Raba

Jamie was awesome over the phone helping one of our technicians during a diagnostic. It was nice to pick his brain to run through things and troubleshoot, I would highly recommend. It helped speed the process along and helped our customer as well.

Mark Gorgi

Thank You to My Tech Chat for helping troubleshoot my furnace over the phone. Was having issues on the 24 volt side of the furnace and they helped with identifying the board was faulty. I would use them again in the future. Thanks again for your help

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