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Welcome to My Tech Chat. 

Virtual Furnace, AC & Rooftop Unit Repair services, made easy over the phone with our professional guidance.

Professional HVAC Technicians

at your fingertips.


My Tech Chat provides installation, repair, and service to air-conditioning units, humidifiers, roof-top units to bring coolness and comfort to your home on hot and humid days.


My Tech Chat provides installation, repair and service to: furnace, boilers and hot water tanks bringing warmth and coziness to you and your family on dry and cold nights.

Save time and money by getting immediate support.

My Tech Chat helps you solve your heating, cooling and plumbing dilemma by providing a comprehensive walk through of your unit in real-time, by video call or phone call.

✔ Save money.
✔  Less downtime.
✔  No waiting home all day for a service tech to arrive.
✔ We take the hassle out of sourcing and find you the parts or service technician that’s right for you.


How Does My Tech Chat Work?

1. Identify your problem

2. Thorough walk through

Furnace Repair Calgary Icon Safe Repairs

3. Diagnosis of the issue

4. Solution


About Us

My Tech Chat wants to give you an experienced technician with a guaranteed success rate, no more being charged astronomical prices for repairs or from a misdiagnosis.

We want to fix your issue instantly with minimal downtime at a really low cost.
We want people to get the best service, no more bad techs learning on your dime or upselling you on new equipment if it’s unnecessary.

No solution. No fee.


Furnace Repair Calgary Icon Safe Repairs


Whether it’s a broken furnace or a dysfunctional air-conditioning, we can talk you through it with the use of modern technology or a simple phone call. Our people have been in the heating, venting and air-conditioning industry for more than 13 years and we can help you with your issue.

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No need to wait for hours or days for a technician to come to your home. Help us resolve your issue immediately.

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No call out fees. No Travel Time. No after hours charges. No vehicle charges.

Furnace Repair Calgary Icon Satisfaction Guarantee


Red Seal Journeyman Advice. Guaranteed solution. Parts from manufacturer or you local manufacturer approved wholesaler.

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